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Privileging the Press: Confidential Sources, Journalism Ethics and
the First Amendment

“This comprehensive litany of triumphs and failures ... pull(s) together the many threads that make up the stormy history of the journalists’ privilege into one compact volume. If I were still working at a law firm, I’d make it required reading for any new associates who want to practice media law.” Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly


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"Freedom of the Press and Journalism Ethics in the Internet Era" in Ethical Issues in Communication Professions: New Agendas in Communication

"Through the lens of free-press theory, Shepard captures the competitive and complex tension between traditional (print) journalism's diminishing 'gatekeeping and agenda-setting roles,' and online journalism's largely unruly, unregulated blogosphere ... For those lacking a background in media (journalism) law, this chapter is a must read." Journal of Mass Media Ethics


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